Summer Fun On A Budget

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With Summer rolling in we know that children are starting to get antsy. School is out, the sun is shining and children want to get out there and have fun! The great thing about children is that they have strong imaginations and can be entertained fairly easily. We have compiled a list of inexpensive to free things to do to keep your children happy and occupied this summer.


“Kids Bowl Free”  This program offers children two games a day of free bowling all summer long as well as an inexpensive family pass if you’d like to partake as well!  Restrictions depend on location.


Regal Entertainment Group has over 300 locations and offers $1 children's movies on select days twice a week!


“Kids Skate Free” is a summer program similar to “Kids Bowl Free” that offers free skating for children all summer long! Restrictions vary on location.


Target has a section on their site that offers free museum days, performances and programs for children in select states!


Geocaching is a great way to get your children to exercise and explore the outdoors (always accompany them on this journey.) Geocaching is a program that is worldwide- The app takes you on a journey with hints and directions to find a hidden “cache” near you. Inside there is a logbook to comment on your journey and sometimes inexpensive trinkets to trade.


Libraries often have free summer events for children. Some libraries participate in a “Summer Reading Program” which rewards children for reading or other fun such as movies showings. Check your local library to see what they offer this summer!


Chalk- You would be surprised how long children can have fun sitting on the driveway or sidewalk with a few sticks of chalk. If you want to try and mix it up you can make them “Spray Chalk”by following these simple steps- spray bottle- whisk  ½ cup of cornstarch with one cup of  hot water, mix it together with one teaspoon of tempura paint and a tiny splash of dish soap and shake it up in your bottle. Now your kids can spray the mix and take their sidewalk art to the next level.


Decorate Garden Pots- Summer is a great time to start planting flowers and we can see no better designer for your plants then your children! Small terracotta pots, glue, markers, paint and other art supplies can be found at discount stores!


Hiking Exercise is the best way to tire your kid out on long summer days and a hike will guarantee to do just that. By searching the web you can find what trails are near you and how long they are. Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen!


Parks- You can find a park on almost every corner, stop by the park with your kids and read a book while they play around!


Backyard Obstacle Course Gather your hula hoops, jump ropes, string, pool noodles or anything you or anything else you can think of to create a backyard obstacle course. If you are having trouble figuring out how to create it- have your kids help, that’s all part of the fun!


We hope you have an excellent summer! If you have any of your own fun and inexpensive summer ideas please let us know in the comments below!

By Tanya Berme

Get Access to Support, Benefits, and Resources for Single Parents. Join the SPAOA Community for FREE!

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