Five Solo Sports Your Kids Will Love

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You want your kids to be active and healthy. For most parents, this probably means enrolling your kids in traditional youth sports: football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. But what if your kids aren’t interested in these or any other team sports? Instead of forcing them to be part of a team, or giving up altogether, encourage them to try solo sports.

If your kids participate in solo sports, they can get exercise, gain confidence, and have fun without the pressure of team sports. The barrier for entry is usually lower, and your kids can get involved at their own pace instead of following a rec league schedule. And while most people have fewer opportunities to play team sports after high school or college, your kid may participate in solo sports for their entire lives.


This is one of the best ways for your kids to develop endurance, speed, and overall fitness. It’s also one of the easiest sports for your kids to get into - they probably already love to run. Just buy them a pair of running shoes and they’re good to go!   


Cycling is another popular endurance sport your kids will love. Mountain biking and road racing are two of the most common types of cycling, but they may also be interested in BMX or dirt biking as well. Make sure your kids wear the proper safety equipment.    

Rock Climbing

Over the last several years, rock climbing has exploded in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Aside from being a great workout, climbing can do wonders for self-confidence. And you may not think it, but rock climbing can also help your kids develop their teamwork and social skills, as they encourage each other and give each other tips on how to approach difficult climbs.  


This is another great option for kids who are old enough. Like running, it's easy to get started - all you need is access to a pool or other body of water. Best of all, if they like swimming, running, and cycling, they can participate in triathlons.

If your children are going to swim, make sure to practice these water safety tips.  

Martial Arts

Martial arts can give your kid a well-balanced workout, improving not only strength and endurance, but balance and flexibility. They’ll also learn the importance of discipline and self-control. Best of all, because martial arts is made up of so many activities, they won’t get bored.

Another benefit of solo sports is that unlike team sports, competition is optional. Your kids will have plenty of opportunities to test their skills against others if that’s what they want, but they’ll also learn the value of testing their own limits and the joy of setting a new personal best. Most importantly, they’ll learn that they don’t have to be the strongest or most athletic - sports are for everyone.

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