Where to Find Help With a Security Deposit

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Saving enough for a new apartment is great but sometimes a security deposit ends up being more than you bargained for. But that doesn’t necessarily ruin your chances of getting into a new apartment. There are places that you may be able to find help with your security deposit. Here are a few of the most common ones.
  • State & County Human/Social Service
    • States and county governments have human services or social services departments that different types of assistance the residents in need. Many have some type of rent and security deposit programs. You can find information on your state and county security deposit help on their website, which you can find through USA.gov.
  • Temporary Aid for Needy Families
    • This program, typically referred to as TANF, provides families with general financial assistance, which you could use as a security deposit. TANF is run through state governments, but you can find the contact information on the Temporary Aid for Needy Families website above.
Popular Organizations
  • The Salvation Army
    • This organization is known for having many programs to assist those in need. These programs vary by location and some of them offer rent and security deposit assistance. Contact your local agency to see if they offer this type of help and find out what the requirements are.
  • Catholic Charities
    • Another organization known for it’s wide variety of programs, Catholic Charities has offices across the nation. Like The Salvation Army, some provide assistance with security deposits. Find the location nearest you for more information.
Charity Finders
  • 2-1-1
    • This resource has a website and a 24-hour hotline that can connect you to help in your area. You can call them or search their site for local programs that can help you with your security deposit.
  • Charity Navigator
    • This searchable database of charities allows you to find local charities as well as national charities that may be able to provide security deposit help. You can search by state and need to get the best results.
Each program you come across will have different eligibility requirements. Many are income based, though some also take your expenses into consideration. It’s best to be prepared with pay stubs and identification because these documents are typically required.

By Alecia Stanton of Single Parents Alliance of America
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