Winter Money Saving Tips

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Winter tends to be one of the more expensive seasons - and not just because of the holidays. Warming up your home, your children, and yourself can rack up quite a bill on its own. However, winter eating and traveling habits can also incur costs you may not have even thought about. A lot of these expenses can be slashed or eliminated altogether though. Here’s some tips on how to do it:


Keep Air In Your Tires

Cold weather causes the air pressure in your tires to decrease, which also decreases your gas mileage. To keep your tire air pressure in check, buy a cheap tire gauge and make sure that your tires have enough air on a regular basis. Check your car owner’s manual for information on how much air your tire needs.


Avoid Using Your Thermostat

Use blankets and clothes instead of your thermostat to stay warm. You can also have your family use one room at a time and heat it with a space heater. The cold weather is also a great excuse to sip lots of hot cocoa and tea.


Avoiding Driving (Or At Least Using The Heat)

Cranking up the heat in your car may feel good but it uses up quite a bit of gas. When you need to drive, wear warm clothes and gloves instead.


Save On Energy

This is one of the highest winter costs. Check out our blog Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill This Winter for tips on how to save.


Buy Coats Secondhand

As nice as brand new coats and jackets would be, they are certainly not a necessity - especially when money is tight. Visit your nearest thrift shop or Goodwill store to find winter coats for your family at a fraction of the cost.


Cook More

Instead of ordering food, cook more often and make bigger batches. This will leave you with more leftovers, saving you money and time.


Use Honey As Cough Suppressant

Honey is a proven cough suppressant that is especially effective for children. It’s also much less expensive than cough medicine. Just avoid giving it to children under two years of age.


This is just a short list of ways to cut winter costs. Tell us your winter money saving tips in the comments below!



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