Finding Housing With An Eviction On Your Record

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Putting a roof over your families head is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent. However, sometimes this job isn’t easy - especially if you have an eviction of your credit report. While finding housing after an eviction is difficult, it’s not impossible.
Before you start looking for a new apartment, you need to prepare. Preparation is always an important aspect of the apartment searching process but is absolutely essential if you have an eviction on your credit report. Most landlords will ask you about the causes of your eviction so you should figure out what you are going to tell them ahead of time. Gather a list of references to vouch for you. Some potential landlords will want to contact them in order to get a better sense of what kind of tenant you will be. They may also require a cosigner due to your situation so contact someone who would be willing to co-sign and let them know that you are searching for an apartment and may need them.
As you search for an apartment, seek out landlords that will be more sympathetic to your situation. It will be easier to get into apartments that don’t require background checks or credit checks. Private apartment owner tend to be more flexible in these situations. If your eviction comes up, explain it to them without malice towards your evicting landlord. Offer them your list of references help you prove that your ability to be an ideal tenant. 
If a landlord chooses to accept you as a tenant, they may do so under certain conditions. Typical rental conditions for those with less than stellar credit or previous evictions are having a cosigner, as previously stated, a higher deposit, or higher amount of rent. Your potential landlord may ask you for all, none, or some of these because they see you as a higher risk. You then have the choice to accept or decline these terms.
You may have to go through this process a few times before you land an apartment. Stay patient and remember that many people have a hard time getting into an apartment. You will eventually find a great home for you and your children.

By: Alecia Stanton

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