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You may have suspected that you were paying more than you need to for the items you need. If you aren’t taking advantage of coupons and freebie opportunities, it’s an accurate suspicion. Many people ignore coupons because they only seem to save a small amount of money. They also brush off freebie opportunities because they assume they are too good to be true. However, the savings from coupons add up and many freebies offers are legitimate. The important part is knowing where to find these deals. 
One of the smartest places to find coupons and freebies is online. Although you may have to dig through a few websites, once you find some that are worthwhile you will be surprised at the savings.  Hunt4FreebiesCuckoo for Coupon Deals, and Freebies4Mom all have lots of deals and update often, so the coupons and freebies you find there are all up-to-date.
Then there are the Pennysaver and weekly ads in the Sunday paper that come in the mail and probably end up in your trashcan. These usually have useful coupons that could save you lots of money. You can also sign of for RedPlum and receive coupons online and in the mail. Sometimes, RedPlum coupons are included in the Sunday paper but you can request more online. 
Finally, there are coupons and deals directly from stores. Target’s websites has a section for clearance items, their weekly ad, and printable online coupons. Ralphs’ website also has digital coupons, their weekly ad, and their promotions. Signing up for a stores mailing list or “liking” their page on Facebook are ways to save even more money. 
There are many ways to save on your groceries and household items. At first, it may seem like a waste of time but by persistently seeking out deals, you will quickly save a noticeable amount of money. Be patient and don’t give up.

By: Alecia Stanton

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