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Back to school season is here and that means back to school supplies and clothes, which can cost over $1000. This is a high expense for any family, but for those going through a financial rough patch, it can be especially steep. However, these necessities are vital to a child’s success. Because of this, there are quite a few ways for parents that are having a hard time getting their child school supplies to get help.
Many state’s take part in an event designed to help parents afford school supplies and uniforms. In participating states, all eligible purchases are tax free during each state’s tax free weekend. Check the website to find it if this event is running in your state and when it is taking place.
Your Child’s School Or School District
Often schools and/or school districts will allocate a certain amount of school supplies for children whose families cannot afford it. Contact your child’s school first to see if they have any and if they don’t, contact your child’s school district.
Dollar Stores
While not completely free, dollar stores offer school supplies at incredibly low prices ($1). You may not be able to find things like backpacks there but but they usually carry pens, pencils, notebooks and binders.
Local Churches, Charities, and Nonprofits
Look for organizations in your area that may be able to assist you with school supplies. Some may be able to help you financially and others may be able to directly provide you with school supplies.
Clothing Swaps
Find or organize a clothing swap to not only help your child with school clothes, but other struggling families as well. The idea is that with clothes in all different sizes, they can be redistributed to children that can fit them.
Among their long list of assistance programs, your local Salvation Army may have school supplies for family in need. Contact the nearest Salvation Office and ask them about any back to school programs they may be running.  
OfficeMax/Office Depot and Staples
Both stores have certain school supplies for one cent, ten cents, fifty cents, and one dollar. Deals may vary by store so check out the one closest to you for great savings. You may want to get there as soon as possible to get to the supplies before they are gone.
Between these seven approaches, you should be able to get most of your child’s school supplies for fairly little money. Spending less on school supplies means less back to school stress, which is a good way to start a new school year.

By: Alecia Stanton

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