How to Parent When It Comes to Technology

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The world of modern parenting presents a new issue. We all use technology to our advantage, but we’re also well aware of the dangers it presents, and we work to avoid them ourselves - it’s common sense to us. However, when we introduce this technology to our children, we must consider the passing of this information from us to them. Here’s some tips on how to keep your child both focused and safe after introducing technology into their lives.

Keep Up-To-Date on the Latest Technology

It’s no secret that modern children are incredibly intuitive, knowing exactly how to operate any device that’s placed in front of them. Technology has been around for their whole lives, and it’s only evolved with them. So, it’s only natural that we should educate ourselves on how they’re interacting with it.

Make Sure Your Kids Understand the Risks

It’s important that your children know what kind of dangers can be associated with the use of technology, especially considering the scope of the internet. Discuss this topic with them on a level they can understand, and ensure that they know how to use technology in a manner that’s safe.

Lay Down Some Ground Rules

You may be overzealous in your protective nature when it comes to creating rules for your child; it’s easy to underestimate how helpful technology can be. Nowadays, children use the internet to do almost everything, from socializing to completing homework assignments. Create rules that maximize productivity while limiting the use of social media. There is no formula for what will work, and it’s best to try a bit of trial-and-error to find positive results.

Utilize Parental Controls

This is a surefire way to block your children’s access to explicit content. Almost every device out there today has the capability to provide parental controls, which let you passcode lock certain features.

Limit Multitasking

We don’t really think about this, but we all multitask when it comes to technology. We’re listening to music, while texting, while the TV is on playing something in the background as white noise. It’s fine in moderation. However, sometimes we need to zone in and focus. Our reliance on so many things limits our attention-span. When these are under control, things begin to get done.
If you take the time to consider and follow these tips, then you may be able to find peace of mind knowing that your child is better off on the digital landscape.

By: Tim Milles

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