Socializing as a Single Parent

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It might seem like your social life is a bit of a deadzone now that you have children. However, it’s more than possible to balance your parenthood with a fulfilling social life. Here are some tips on socializing as a single parent:


Start Seeing Social Time as a Necessity

It is completely understandable for a parent to feel that they need some time to themselves sometimes. Never think that this need is selfish. It is completely normal. In fact, it’s important and healthy for you to go out and have a little bit of a social hour without the kids.


Face the Logistics

There’s a reason why you don’t get out as much as you should. There are some logistical roadblocks that stand in the way between you and the door. You have to consider all the logistics, such as “Who will watch the kids?” You could possibly enroll neighbors, friends, or family members to fill that position. Begin to consider the logistics and make everything fall into place.

Make the Time

If you think you’re way too busy to get out and socialize, make the time for it. Maybe you could lower your household cleanliness standards for a short span; you can make your home look fantastic, but it doesn’t necessarily have to scream perfection.

Choose Affordable Activities

If it’s the financial aspect that’s holding you back, try to choose activities that won’t break the bank. If you plan carefully, you can spend less money and still have a great time. For example try going to a museum or art gallery. Often these kinds of places hold discounted or free days that you’ll be able to enjoy at little to no cost.

Bring Your Kids

If all else fails and you can’t leave the kids at home, bring them with you to family-friendly social occasions. There are many places that both you and your children will find interesting and will prove to be a great social hour for you, while being a fun outing for them.


Meet New People

Consider using the internet to meet new people. Not only will you find other single parents online, but people of all types who would be more than willing to meet up at a home or out for coffee. These rewarding connections may prove to be much easier for some busy single parents.

Online Forums

There’s always the alternative of talking to people online. It’s no secret that the online single parent community is thriving. There are many websites that provide a platform for parents to discuss whatever is on their minds with one another. They provide guidance and support for those who need it.

Socializing is beginning to sound less far-fetched than it initially did, isn’t it? There are many ways that you can get out and have real human interaction, even with a child. You can even start as soon as today!

By: Tim Milles

Get Access to Support, Benefits, and Resources for Single Parents. Join the SPAOA Community for FREE!

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