Positive Effects of Single Parenting

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There’s a lot of negative stigma associated with single parenting. However, it’s often misinformed and incomplete. It’s time for some reassurance, because there’s a lot of it to go around. Here are five positive effects of single parenting to keep you upbeat and informed:


Develop Stronger Bonds

Spending quality time with your kids one-on-one may allow you to develop a bond stronger than what you might have had within a traditional family system. This bond will not end when your child gets older, too. It will continue on forever.

Be Part of a Community

The community of single parents that is present within the world is authentic and inclusive. Many people, even strangers, are always standing by for emotional support. Additionally, the family of the single parent will often step in and offer as much as help as they possibly can, financially or simply to help juggle obligations.

Share Responsibilities

In a traditional family, chores generally serve to teach children the concept of responsibility. However, in a single-parent family, chores are essential to the operation of the house. The children, in turn, begin to take pride in their work and feel like they are part of something bigger.

Learn How to Face Adversity

Children in single parent families witness conflict resolution skills in action. They get to see their parent working hard to solve any problems that might come up to make ends meet. In addition, the kids are forced to deal with their own disappointments early in life.


Learn How to Balance Priorities

Being raised in single parent families lets children know that they are the main priority in their parents' lives, yet they are not treated as though they are the center of everyone's universe. This healthy approach helps to prepare kids for the way the world works.
There are many positives to being raised in a single parent family! This is just a small sample of this things that can come out of it. So, put a smile on your face knowing that you’re going to find great success in your journey through parenthood.

By: Tim Milles

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