5 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is here! With it, we’re invited into another round of spring cleaning: the whirlwind sweep of our homes that makes everything shine and shimmer for the warm weather. Here are some tips that could help you out this year:

Clean Your Doormat

We never necessarily consider just how much foot traffic our welcome mats get. Anyone who enters or leaves your house lays all the dirt and dust they’ve collected on their shoes right on the it. Go ahead and pick it up, maybe wash it, but definitely hit it against a surface to dislodge any stubborn dirt and make the first impression a fantastic one.

Clean Fabrics and Furniture

Even though your carpets and furniture may look just fine with some surface dusting or vacuuming, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a deep cleaning this time around. Imagine all the oils and dirt that have had a full year to incubate on these high-traffic surfaces. You’ll notice the difference quickly.

Polish Your Floors

You might want to protect the floors in your kitchen from another full year of wear and tear by applying a wash-and-wax floor cleaner. Not only will it make your floors shine beautifully, but it could help them last longer.


Wash the Walls

It may not look like your walls need a wash. After all, it’s a wall, and the dirt or dust would just fall to the ground, right? Well, it might suffer from the same complex that the carpet and furniture have: you just can’t see the dirt. Wash your walls and cabinets to prevent further buildup of dirt, where it might come to be noticeable.

Vacuum Everywhere

Usually, when we vacuum, we just get to every surface we can see. However, it might be beneficial to you to move the furniture a little to the left or the right and vacuum where it once occupied. There’s dirt there that you couldn’t even have imagined existed.
Make this year’s spring cleaning the most productive one yet! It may seem like a lot of things you’d have to do, but consider the fact that you only have to do this once a year! So get to work, then sit back and relax and marvel at the cleanliness you’ve achieved.

Get Access to Support, Benefits, and Resources for Single Parents. Join the SPAOA Community for FREE!

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