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We all remember our favorite books as kids. Now it’s time to pass on that pleasure to your kids, but it may seem like there’s too many options out there to find  the best. Don’t worry, we’ve listed some of the top seven children’s books out there today, and some of which, you may remember from your own childhood:

Where the Wild Things Are

Winner of the Caldecott Medal and listed in the ‘Best Illustrated Children’s Books” for many years, this book is definitely worth taking a look at. Eye-catching pictures and a written tale that will keep you coming back is what this story has to offer. Adventure, artwork, and fun are all wrapped up in one small package here. Find it here.

The Giving Tree

It has been said that the true example of love is being willing to give of one’s self for the benefit of another. Shel Silverstein tells the tale of a strong bond between a boy and a tree that serves to epitomize the concept of sacrificial love. Find it here.

Green Eggs and Ham

Everyone knows these unforgettable words that stay with you forever: “I am Sam, Sam I am” Only Dr. Seuss could compose such silly, yet elegant stories. Essentially any Dr. Seuss book is perfect for you and your children to read together. Find it here.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

When there is orange juice rain, hamburger hail, and mashed potato snow, there is no need to cook or shop - only the need to not get hit by any giant food.. Incredibly fun to read and even more fun to think about, you can’t go wrong with this story. Find it here.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Warmth, a winning storyline, and lessons that can be shared and observed in nature itself will bring you and your child together as you read this amazing story. Don’t hesitate to pick this one up from the bookstore as soon as possible. Find it here.

Pat The Bunny

Adults and children alike are sure to adopt this as a family favorite. As they learn and discover the world, you’ll both uncover this captivating story. Interaction and imagination are packed into this one storybook that will leave a mark in your heart. Find it here.

Press Here

It all begins with a single yellow dot, and the instruction to press it. The reader is then sent on a magical journey that shows them the unseen. This book is full of surprises and excitement that you and your child will love equally. Find it here.
Check out these books whenever you get a chance. Every single one listed here is a winner. You’ll be able to create magical memories with you and your kids, and you might even find yourself enjoying the stories just as much as they do. 
By: Tim Milles

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