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Free Mental Health Resources

In 2014, about one in five Americans experienced a mental health issue. As common as these issues are, people are often reluctant to seek treatment. This is a problem, because left untreated, mental health problems can have a negative impact on the way you think, feel, and act. If you want help but aren’t sure where to find it, you’re in luck. Free resources are available online an...

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Finding Low-Income Dental Care

Dental problems are painful to suffer through and expensive to fix. They can make it hard to eat and drink, can lower your self-esteem, and some can even threaten your long-term health. If you’re part of a low-income household, you may be hesitant to get dental help. However, there may be options for free and reduced-cost dental care. Here’s where you should look: Community Heal...

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Getting Healthcare for Your Child without Insurance

Most parents dread the days they have to rush their child to the doctor. This can be an even bigger cause for worry when you don’t have health insurance for your child. Make sure you know how to get your child the care they need, at a price you can afford, before that day comes. Here are some of your options: Medicaid It’s important to check your eligibility for Medicaid before using...

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